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Ex got an arrange marriage within months after breakup

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I know how will you feels...It's feels like you a buring in living hell and you can't nothing do about it.Dont worry may be you are lucky ,you are get rid of somone who is capable enough to moveon onto another relationship within months, it's kind of cheating.

Remeber her promises like "I can't live without you" ," I can do anything for you" is all fake and false and immature person's shit.The second she feels she can fulfilled her own selfish desire she moved on ,never giving a fuck about you.Is this kind of person you want to spent is rest of life with?Do you want your children is nourished by the person whose word is of no value like her?Remember she hold your hand when you are happy and left you are broken when you needed her the most just only to fulfill her own selfish desire.

Just don't give a fuck about her ,don't talk about her ,don't stalk ,don't compare with anyone.I know it's easier said than done,but you have to do it man.You have to stand up and build your own life again.Belive in God,practise meditation and spirituality .Rember time is the best healer .Do you ever heard about somone who is still miserable 5 yr after got betrayed or breakup.you will healed and moveone my friend just keep faith in GOD.