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Rebound Relation

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You have just have ended your relationship with your partner for some reason. Then within months or week you seen with someone else looking happy like your relationship never exists.You feel devastating. You think it will be less painful if someone pushed though knife at your heart and drag it through. But don't worry it may not case what you see.And may be your partner is a rebound relationship which generally fails.


The relationship soon starts after a break up is mostly considered as a rebound relationship. There are few sign of a rebound relationship---

Too soon: People going into a new relationship too soon after a long term relationship to alleviate the pain without properly healed from previous relationship .

Comparison: It's common to compare with previous partner with new partner in a rebound relationship. 

Honeymoon preiod: Honeymoon period is 6 month -2 year.Once the honeymoon period is over the real challenges begins at relationship.

Forced love: To deny the relationship is rebound ,people often showing off at social media to get constant validation.They tried to love their new partner forcefully which may be devastating. 

Dependency:Fear of getting previous relationship memories make the rebounder too much emotionally depent on other partner which sometimes become suffocating for new partner.


Missing something :If everything is present is present in a relationship then also partner feel something is missing and feel unfulfilled.




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